How to Prepare For Your Photoshoot

You’ve done a really brave thing and stepped out of your comfort zone, ready to love, celebrate and embody your beauty in all its power at our Luxury Photoshoot Experiences near Reading & Hampshire.

Well done you!

Through this post, we’ve shared lots more information for you on the sessions and how to prepare/ what to bring along.

But I don’t want it to feel bamboozling. Enjoy the preparation stage and have fun taking some time for yourself during the whole process. 

This is all about you but the main thing I want you to know, is that I’ve got you. 

So, if you’re really busy and don’t have all the time to think about this, then don’t worry. 

I’ll text or email you a short summary before your session, reminding you of the key things to bring along. 

You can come just as you are and have as great an experience as the woman who does everything on this list.

Ultimately, we just want to celebrate you in whatever way feels the most beautiful to you. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here, so allow yourself to enjoy every moment in whatever way you can.

What to bring to your Portrait Session?

– Accessories to suit your style

– Heels / nice shoes (or we can go barefoot – if you’re keen to head outdoors which we can do on warmer days, please bring comfy shoes for a bit of walking in the woods!)

– A selection of underwear (including black / strapless / nude colours) if you have any of these already as some of the dresses are sheer. No worries and we can totally work around it if not

– 1 or 2 of your own special outfits that you would love us to photograph you in – we welcome ALL styles from all backgrounds! (But no worries if you don’t have anything and we can provide the outfits 😊) Please upload these to your questionnaire if you are bringing anything

What to bring for Boudoir Photos?

If you’re keen to add some boudoir pictures to your experience, please bring along your favourite pieces to wear as we don’t provide a boudoir wardrobe currently as everyone’s styles and preferences are so different.

We invite, welcome, embrace and CELEBRATE all expressions of your femininity, sensuality & soul

So, if you fancy going on a shopping spree and treating yourself to some expensive lingerie, then go for it!

If you’re not a lingerie kind of girl, then we can get just as beautiful photos wearing jeans, sheets, your partner’s shirts or pyjamas! Really, your photos should be a reflection of you and your own style – you never have to pretend to be anything you’re not at our studio… but if you’re up for trying something new, then we’ll gently encourage you to raise your confidence and see yourself in all your power.

We love embracing your soft, natural sides or going for something a little dark and moodier – we’ll design your session entirely around you (just know that we only do boudoir shots for women who are aged 21+ and will ask to see your ID before the session too 🙂

Some things you can do to give yourself some extra pampering before your shoot (that will add to the high-end look of your photos afterwards) –

Get Your Nails Done

Whether you’re opting for The Portrait Experience or The Boudoir Experience (or a little of both!), your hands and feet will be visible in many of your shots, so it really helps to get them camera-ready. Why not treat yourself to a mani-pedi the day before your shoot and let the pampering begin!

It’s best to use a shade that matches all of your outfits and using the same colour on your fingers and toenails is always a timeless look.

A classic red tone adds a fierce and timeless touch for something bolder, or nude / blush tones or a classic French manicure give the look of timeless elegance. A lot of styles come in and out of fashion so whilst we welcome you to bring your own style, just think about whether it’s something you will most likely still love in decades to come when you’re looking back at your photos.

Prep Your Hair

Whilst you’re taking care of yourself, why not get your hair refreshed too?

Avoid completely new haircuts or drastic changes right before the shoot, just a nice tidy-up to get rid of any split ends or regrowth. This is all entirely optional though if you’re looking for an extra pampering experience – you’re also just really welcome to turn up as you are and let us take care of you.

Wash your hair the day before your shoot, and arrive with it dry without any products in it or tied up for the best results.

We block 60-90 minutes for hair and makeup and the quicker your preparation time, the longer your shoot, so if you have any questions around how to prep or any special requests, please just let me know before your session date 🙂

Pamper Your Skin

Drink lots of water in the run-up to your photoshoot – hydrated skin is happy skin!

Any bikini waxing is to be done 3-5 days before your shoot; otherwise, shave and moisturise your legs, arms and bikini the morning of your Luxury Portrait experience if, of course, you usually shave these areas (If you embrace your body hair, then so do we!)

We don’t recommend tanning unless it is a part of your routine, as it can create problem areas and come across as orange and patchy on camera.

Tidy Up Your Brows

Your eyebrows shape your face and draw focus to your eyes.

Having a quick wax or pluck a couple of days beforehand tidies them up and frames your eyes beautifully.

Get Your Outfits Camera Ready

If you’re wanting to bring anything of your own, keep your wardrobe wrinkle-free & organised by bringing any outfits on their hangers.

For boudoir, or if you’re celebrating the fashion styles of your own culture, make it a special occasion by picking yourself up something new or bring along your faves!

Your outfits don’t have to be expensive to look good on camera

Bring an excellent selection, of light, and dark & colours. Black is sleek & elegant, but bright & bold colours absolutely POP in our studio too

For The Portrait Experience, we will provide access to our beautiful wardrobe that fits all sizes (we’ve dressed women from size 4 to 20 with it this year, and we’re always adding more)

What Clothes Make You Feel Beautiful?

I used to follow the advice of other photographers in the industry to advise clients not to wear big and bold patterns. What a wasted opportunity!

ALL women need to be celebrated in beautiful high-end portraiture, so we welcome ALL styles.

From traditional Indian suits, to lehengas, to gorgeous African dresses to the classic and elegant little black dress, a flourescent green trouser suit or a gorgeous big gown that would fit perfectly on any red carpet – we are here for all of it!

It’s time to change the definitions of beauty we see and show the women around us that we, and they, are beautiful too. We get to decide that.

No need to hide any parts of yourself here to fit in.

For an extra splash of fun and glamour, we have a gorgeous range of flying gowns and dresses if that’s helpful.

Arrive at Your Photoshoot Early

Arrive 10 minutes early to help set the tone of a relaxed shoot and leave yourself plenty of time. Your session will be held at our luxe farm studio in Bramshill (RG27), a small village nestled on the border of Berkshire & Hampshire, only a 10 minute scenic drive from Reading. We’re a little out in the sticks, so give yourself plenty of time to find the place & park.

How to Arrive

Wear what feels comfortable when you get here. Wash your face and come to the studio make-up-free & hair dry (if you usually do some basic prep on your hair before styling, then please go ahead and do this before you arrive). Our amazing makeup artist will take care of the rest.

This is a space where you get to see your own beauty and love your own body. Capturing beautiful photos of you is my job,

So you can focus on having a good time without the burden and worry of “trying to look good.”

All of the above are just extra tips and tricks if you want to pamper yourself a little extra. Many women have just rocked up to the studio with nothing more than a handbag and their mobile phones. They’ve come out with the most gorgeous photos too – I’ve always got you! x


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