Join Our Women's Circles & Connect With Supportive Reading & Hampshire Women

Be Heard Without Judgement or Advice

Bramshill (near Reading & Hook)
RG27 0RF

Be Heard Without Judgement or Advice

Bramshill (near Reading & Hook)
RG27 0RF

Let's Bring Back Connection

Our Portrait Sessions connect you back to yourself, and help you to be seen.

Our Women’s Circles are a reconnection back to other women, in a safe and non-judgemental space and help you to be heard.

A Circle is a space for you to speak on anything that your heart wants to give voice to, in a completely confidential space.

You don’t have to have had a photoshoot with us before joining the Circle.


What would it mean to say out loud the things that take up space in your mind.. the wins you don't share, the struggles you work through alone?

What if you could share them aloud, and weren’t met with answers,

or suggestions

or advice

or judgement,

or any words at all?

Just love and empathy.

Could it take away some of the power it has over you?

What if we connected differently? With diverse women who look so different outwardly, but love, laugh and cry about the same things as us?

If you’re not feeling up to speaking, there’s no pressure.  There is connection in listening too.

If you do wish to speak, our Circle and hearts are open to receiving what you need to say out loud and you can share as many times as you like.

Once the Circle is closed, we won’t assume that you want to keep being heard on, or discussing, the things you shared and confidentiality of the circle is one of our key guidelines.


Introducing Blush & Wild's Women's Circles.

A Soulful, Heart-Centred Space for Women to Connect


Because the world needs us to be more connected, and it’s time we reclaimed that connection back – supporting each other instead of seeing each other as competition. Circles are based online and in-person at the studio, RG27 0RF.




An experience of deep connection, welcome silences and open hearts

Meet different women at each session.  Every Circle is unique and made up of the women who were called to it

A genuine, heart-centred group of women to share the mental load of the female experience with

Come as often or not as you feel called to join, no long-term commitment

Tea and biscuits provided

Session Fee £12


I just want to say thank you to all of you, Sharan in particular for making it happen. Last night was incredible and I’m so grateful for all of you taking the time to listen to me ramble on about all the stuff going on in my life. And thank you for sharing your struggles and fears and inspirations with me. I can’t wait to see you all again – “S”​

How Does It Work?

1. Book Yourself In

Our session dates will be available on this calendar for our Women’s Circles and you are welcome to book in for one session or for as many as you would like.

Each session is £12 payable on booking and based at our farm-based studio on Plough Lane, Bramshill, RG27 0RF (Driving is strongly advised) – unless it is specified that it will be an online session.

Spaces are strictly limited so that everyone has time to share.


2. We Sit In Circle Together

I ask that everybody comes to the space punctually so we don’t break the flow and everybody has the time to ground into the moment.

We will start with a short grounding exercise led by Sharan and an introduction of what to expect and some simple ground rules and requests.

After a short opening question, we will open the Circle and you are welcome to share

You may share as few or as many times as you feel called to.  There is never any pressure to ‘perform’ in this space

3. Once The Circle is Closed

The main ground rule and expectation we have is of course the confidentiality of the Circle.

At the time that the Circle has been closed, we will never assume that you will want to bring up the things that were discussed in Circle again.

You won’t be expected to talk about anything again, even if we end up sitting together over tea and biscuits after the session, but you may have the opportunity to de-compress in each other’s company if you feel called to.

We will check in with you and you are always so very welcome to attend future sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work from our gorgeous, spacious farm-based studio in Bramshill.  We’re about a 10 minute drive from B&Q in Reading, and on the Hook, Hampshire border with Reading.  It’s a gorgeous location and the sprawling landscape and grazing horses adds to the feeling of being a million miles from it all (without actually having to be) – but we are out in the countryside with no access by public transport so driving is advised.

If using Google Maps, please put in The Headshot Studio rather than Blush & Wild (it’s our sister company and takes you to the farm).
Units 16-17 Moor Place Farm, Plough Lane, Bramshill, RG27 0RF.


This is a unique space and a way of interacting with each other that so many of us are not used to doing.  There is never ever any pressure to speak if you feel too nervous to do so.  There is absolutely connection and power in the listening too and then, if and when you ever feel ready to share, you will be most welcome to.  If you are interested in finding out what this meeting of hearts could be like, then I warmly welcome you to come and find out more, with no pressure to ever have to ‘perform’ or to share more than you ever feel happy to.

This is always a popular question 🙂 We invite you to come in whatever feels good to you.  Some ladies come wearing big jumpers and their favourite tracksuits, others like to take the chance to dress up and put their make up on – you’re very welcome to choose what feels good to you.

As we are sat in Circle on the floor, I do advise that you bring along a cushion and a blanket for your own comfort (especially in the colder months as the studio can get quite cold then)

It can be spiritual or life-changing for some women who come, depending on what they choose to share of themselves in this space and how they feel about that.  

But it’s designed to be a human experience over a spiritual one.  Whilst we’ll start with a short grounding exercise or meditation, this is just to bring everyone’s awareness into the space and out of the busy-ness of their lives before they arrive to help clear all the thoughts swirling around in our heads.

Everybody’s experiences of these sessions are unique and individual to them, we don’t guarantee any kind of outcome for you but our hope is that you will get from the sessions what you need from them.

I get it, truly I do.  And I thank you for trusting in us anyway.  We will do everything we can to welcome you into this space with love and open arms.  There can be so much connection in feeling heard, and also in just listening through this unique group experience, especially in a world where we can feel so disconnected from each other in real life scenarios.  The world didn’t go back to normal after Covid, but we all act as though it has.  This is a space where you don’t have to pretend anymore.

This is an evolving addition to our offerings and we are figuring out what works best for the ladies who join.

We aim to host at least 2 of these sessions a month (most likely on Thursday and Saturday evenings) initially and then to build from there depending on demand.

Not at all.  We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics through any of our offerings, or gatekeeping these beautiful offerings in any way.  Our Circles are open to all women, whether they have gone through a portrait experience with us or not and whether they have any intention to or not.

Yes, absolutely.  This is a space to share about the experiences that are unique to your journey through life as a woman and there are only women present.

The experiences that women go through in life are many and varied and we may look to offer sessions that are specific to certain areas of those experiences.  For instance, we are likely to offer Circles around burnout / work traumas as so many women we speak to are affected by this as they try to prove themselves in a world that isn’t always designed for them to succeed.  Or we might have Motherhood Circles to help women work through the challenges unique to this time of life.  Or Elders Women’s Circles for older ladies who struggle to feel seen.  We will share more details as we open up these offerings through the year.

One thing that we really advocate for at Blush & Wild is the willingness to welcome all women into our world equally, no matter her story or background.  We don’t believe in cliques and every Circle is likely to be made up of a different group of women. Some may start getting to know each other as a result of attending more than one session, but there will very likely be other women attending for the first time like you.  Like our photoshoots, we will always aim to have you feeling welcomed and relaxed within minutes of your arrival.

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Circle Dates and Times Vary but we're currently holding them twice a month - we try to make our in-person sessions during the evening to accommodate your work schedules


Plough Lane, Bramshill (near Reading & Hook), RG27 0RF