Reading's Ultimate Portrait & Boudoir Photography Studio

Give Yourself A Gift Today that You'll Love Forever

Bramshill (near Reading & Hook)
RG27 0RF

Give Yourself A Gift Today that You'll Love Forever

Bramshill (near Reading & Hook)
RG27 0RF

Feeling Good in Photo Can Change How You See Yourself

Every woman who walks into our studio is beautiful. 

Sometimes she knows it and is here to celebrate it.  Other times, she needs to see her own courage and beauty reflected back at her.  

We’ve got you either way.

And why does it matter?  

Because when women are confident enough to love themselves again, there’s no stopping us from doing great things in the world.  And the world needs more of that right now.


You'll leave your Luxury Feminine Portraiture Experience with more than just photos

We’ll tell you what to bring, where to look and how to pose.  Use our gorgeous gowns and flying dresses or bring your own style, you’ll be pampered and taken care of throughout your time with us and beyond.  

Our clients say looking at their gorgeous Power Portraits and heirloom albums are the daily confidence boost they didn’t know they needed, a reminder of their courage and beauty.

Feel connected to other supportive women in our Women’s Circles.  You don’t have to do a photoshoot before a Circle, or vice versa – take whatever part of our offerings feel good to you.

Your Beautiful Journey Starts Here

The Ultimate Feminine Portrait Experience

  • Pre-session consultation & styling guidance
  • 90 minutes of pampering by your professional hair and make up artist
  • Access to our full client wardrobe (yes, the flying dresses too!) and option to bring your own style
  • 4 to 5 outfits
  • 1.5 – 2 hours of fully guided photoshoot time
  • Detailed Posing Instruction
  • Your Big Cinematic Reveal
  • Gallery Prep – You choose the level of retouching – we love to celebrate your natural beauty and only remove anything temporary

Glam Session Fee (With Hair & Make-Up)  –  £250
Raw Session Fee (create your own look) – £97

Images not included.  Digitals start at £95 and Collections start from £990 inc VAT – only buy what you love.  

Payment plans available from £82/ month


Ah, we could fill a book with all of the beautiful things the women who come into our world say.  Here’s a taster to give you an idea of how it feels.

You might think this video is of a model from a magazine.. on a campaign advertising a new fashion label... but it's not. It's Melody from Reading (a Support Worker for people with disabilities) absolutely rocking her photoshoot like all of our clients do


Hey, I’m Sharan

the Founder & Lead Photographer of our Luxury Feminine Portrait Sessions & this is my husband, Sunny, who is equally obsessed with creating great portraits and giving normal people the celebrity treatment.

We’re convinced we have the best jobs in the world, but we don’t take it lightly what this experience means to you.

So we’re always finding ways to create all of the Confidence, Connection and Joy for our beautiful community. 

I gave up a 20 year corporate career to go all in on this so I’m right there with you on the journey to taking chances on yourself.

We promise to take the best care of you & show that Every woman is beautiful (and you’ll have so much fun in the process).  

[Want an all-female set?  No stress, we completely get it.  Just let us know before your session date]


Your Make-Up Artists

Our make-up artists are carefully chosen and masters of their art.  Mel and Jen are two of our regulars.  

Mel is an award winning make up artist with a soft, romantic style.  Jen started out over 15 years ago and is now a regular with Sky TV and others and Lisa has a beautiful soft style and will put you at ease instantly too.

Whether you want to go natural or super glam, they’ll create a look  you love and help to settle you into the experience.  By the end of your make up session, we’re all like old friends and that connection comes through in your photos.

Natural Beauties to Glamour & Gowns

“Choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid at the exact same time” - Brené Brown

Are you ready to make room for a little beauty in your life?


T: 07380 309 306

Studio Hours

Mon to Fri: 9 am — 3 pm
Sat: 9:00 am — 1:00 pm


Plough Lane, Bramshill (near Reading & Hook), RG27 0RF

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