How About a Confidence Boosting Power Portrait or an Heirloom Album?

Give Yourself A Gift Today that You'll Love Forever

Bramshill (near Reading & Hook)
RG27 0RF

Give Yourself A Gift Today that You'll Love Forever

Bramshill (near Reading & Hook)
RG27 0RF

What would loving your photos mean to you?

You might have been thinking about investing in a beautiful album or art for your walls from your Reading Makeover or Boudoir Photoshoot…

But you’re worried you don’t have anything to wear

You don’t know how to pose or how to get your expression right

And you’re nervous about doing something that feels so vulnerable.

What if a luxury, feminine women's portrait or boudoir photoshoot near Reading & Hampshire could reflect back your own courage and beauty to you?
And change how you see yourself overnight.

And what if you actually fell in love with your own photos, and saw how other people around you see you?

And what if, in your later years, you could look back at this time in your life, with complete pride in yourself and modelling self-love to the next generation of women around you?

Because you took time out of the busy now.

Because you pushed out the negative self-talk and did it anyway.

Because you chose to do something that helped you see yourself through kinder eyes.  The same way you see everyone else.


Introducing Blush & Wild.
A Luxury, Feminine Pampering Experience That Shows You Your Own Beauty Reflected Back at You


Because the world needs us to embrace our femininity more and it’s time we reclaimed our own confidence back.



3 Hour Experience including Professional Hair and Make-Up and Empowering Portrait Session

Welcome Gift & treats and surprises along the way

4 to 5 different outfits.  Wardrobe provided and option to bring your own style

Pre-session Questionnaire & Consult available

Your Big Cinematic Reveal

Session Fee £250

Images not included.  Digitals start at £95 each and Collections including albums from £990 inc VAT.  Payment plans are available from £82 / month.


It was an amazing day and you all made me feel so excited and comfortable with the photoshoot. It has definitely helped me regain some confidence back, which I hope is only the start, but this small step meant more than I realised. I listened to your advice and focused on me for the remainder of the day, which I haven’t been able to do in a while without stressing about something else. I feel I can take anything on this week! – “R”

How Does It Work?

1. Let's Get Planning

Once we’ve locked in your date, we’ll start planning the session around you.  

You can access our full wardrobe of gorgeous gowns and flying dresses, bring your own or celebrate your body in a boudoir shoot, or maybe a little of all of these.  

You can let us know your preferences in a pre-photoshoot questionnaire and then we can jump on a quick Zoom call to talk through the details more, so we can make sure that you are absolutely happy with the plan for the day and you can focus on being your most confidence self, knowing what to expect.

2. Lights, Camera, Action

It’s the day of your special photoshoot and you’re feeling all the feelings!  Maybe some butterflies in your stomach or maybe just complete excitement about the chance to focus completely on yourself and walk away full of confidence and feeling revived and re-connected with yourself.  

Start by getting your hair and make up done as we take the time to get to know each other and settle you into our space, then we’ll guide you through how to pose and express your way to confident photos.  With access to our gorgeous gowns and flying dresses, we’ll have you relaxed and having fun before you know it.

3. Choose Your Photos

Within a few days, Sharan will invite you to a Zoom call for your ordering session & Big Reveal.  This moment is as precious as the experience itself because you get to see yourself in all your beauty and awesomeness.  You’ll get to choose your photos and your Collection.  
We’ll create something special together that you’ll hold dear for the rest of your years, so expect this call to take up to an hour.  

We don’t leave you there though, we’ll also invite you to our in-person Women’s Circles where you can stay supported and connected with other amazing women like you.

Love Letters from our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

We work from our gorgeous, spacious farm-based studio in Bramshill.  We’re about a 10 minute drive from B&Q in Reading, and on the Hook, Hampshire border with Reading.  It’s a gorgeous location and the sprawling landscape and grazing horses adds to the feeling of being a million miles from it all (without actually having to be) – but we are out in the countryside with no access by public transport so driving is advised.

If using Google Maps, please put in The Headshot Studio rather than Blush & Wild (it’s our sister company and takes you to the farm).
Units 16-17 Moor Place Farm, Plough Lane, Bramshill, RG27 0RF.


If you’re even a little bit curious what this experience would feel like, then I ask you to trust us.  Sharan will be your photographer and you will have a pre-session call with her (me!) before arriving at the studio so we’ll already know each other and you can ask as many questions as you like.  We’ll stay in regular contact before and after your photoshoot, design your experience together so you know exactly what to expect (we can guide you through this), our make-up artists are carefully chosen to not only be amazing at their art, but also super lovely hearts that help you relax into our space.  We know each other well by the time we start photographing you, and we have a tried and tested set of poses for the first look that will get you into your groove within the first 15-20 minutes of photoshoot time.

Yes!  We have an ever-growing, gorgeous, glamorous collection of gowns, flying dresses and other stylish outfits available for you to use.  We aim to cater for all women of all shapes and sizes so we have outfits from sizes 6-22, and our flying dresses are one-size-fits-all.  

If you own your own stylish collection of outfits, then we LOVE to photograph you in them and celebrate all styles of beauty.  But, if you don’t, then just let us know in your questionnaire and we’ll be ready for you on the day so all you need to do is turn up on time.

We don’t provide wardrobe for boudoir sessions at this time, so please keep this in mind when planning for your shoot.

We want you to love your look on the day, so we always work around your preferences and requests.  Our pre-session questionnaire will cover all of this, along with any allergies etc, so that we know how natural or glam you would like to go. 

The transformation we take you on isn’t about the make-up and it’s so lovely to be pampered for once in amongst the busy-ness of every day life, which is why we include it.  It’s a fun part of the process, but we don’t want to change how you look.  We only ever accentuate what you already have.  

A million per cent, yes.  You would be surprised how many of the lovely ladies in our portfolio on this website said the same thing when we first spoke too.  

You will be fully guided through every pose and every expression, we’ve got you!

I get it, truly I do.  And I thank you for trusting in us anyway.  Know that you are our top priority on the day of your photoshoot.  We won’t rush you out for another session straight after you, and we will keep checking in to make sure you’re ok with how everything is going.  We can change direction at any time if you don’t feel comfortable with any of our suggestions.

Whilst we’ve got our lovely selection of gowns and dresses, it is lovely to add your own touches of your own personal style too.  So, here’s what we suggest bringing along:

* Accessories to match your own style
*  A selection of shoes / high heels (we can also go barefoot though)
*  1 to 3 of your own outfits that you might want to be photographed in (all styles are welcomed, but this is completely optional)
* A selection of underwear – including strapless / nude colours – but only if you have any of these already as some of our dresses are very sheer.  No worries if you don’t already have these though and we’ll work around it

If you’d like more info, just complete the form below to get our free guide and £100 off your photoshoot experience with us.

I’ll invite you back for your Big Cinematic Reveal a few days after your session.  This can be online over Zoom, or back in person at the studio, and will be your opportunity to choose the photos you would like to keep along with any albums / framed power portraits or collections.

Once everything has been approved for print by you, we aim to have your print products to you within 4-6 weeks.

Between Sharan and your make-up artist, you will be primarily served by female artists through the session.  From time to time, Sunny will also get involved on the portraits side as he adds a wealth of experience and technical expertise on the lighting etc as he’s also a full time portrait photographer running his own brands separately.  

However, we completely understand that some women just would not want to have a guy on set, so just let me know beforehand and we can arrange an all female set with no questions asked.

I’m a working Mumma with young children so in the main we do photoshoots during school hours from Mondays to Fridays.  And we actually think it’s more fun for you to know that you are taking a day off from the daily grind that’s just about pampering yourself too!

From time to time, we may release some odd weekend dates at our discretion.  The best way to check latest availability is by checking our online calendar and booking directly there or message if you have a special request for a weekend date and we’ll see if we can accommodate it –

It also means that we have reduced availability during school holidays, so it’s best to get those dates booked in sooner than later.

Due to the nature of our services and the digital nature of high-res files, all sales are considered final as we get to work on your orders quickly. Items cannot be returned or exchanged. However, if there are any faults with your products when they arrive to you, please report them immediately to us within 7 days (providing photographs of the issues) and we will get everything resolved for you as quickly as possible.  We use trusted and established print labs to provide you with high quality finished prints and goods that you can enjoy for the rest of your lives, and it’s much easier to resolve such issues quickly when they are reported on arrival.

As extra reassurance though, know that you are under no commitment to buy your photos until you have seen them and ordered what you love, so if you don’t love them, you don’t have to invest anything more than the session fee.

We want to make this beautiful, empowering experience as accessible as possible to as many women as possible.  If you love your photos but can’t pay for a collection upfront, we can offer payment plans from 3-12 months to help make your heirloom portraits a possibility for you too. Payment plans start from just £82/ month and go up from there depending on how many photos you love.

We always respect your privacy above anything else, and we’ll only ever share your photos online with your permission and blessing.  

Learn Exactly How to Prepare for Your Session and Get £100 off your photoshoot!


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