What would it mean to fall in love with your photos? To feel empowered by them..

We think the world needs a little re-balancing right now. 

So we're embracing the feminine and helping more women to find their confidence and feel seen in all of their awesomeness.

Wear our gorgeous Goddess gowns and flying dresses, dare to fall in love with your own body with a boudoir shoot or bring your own style - whatever feels good to you.


How Your Feminine Portraiture Session Works

Let's Chat

This is our chance to get to know each other in a free 20 minute virtual chat.  Sharan will talk you through what to expect, agree on styling and what kind of photos you'd like and how to prepare.   

Bring any questions and we'll make sure you're feeling confident and ready for your gorgeous photoshoot.

Reveal Your Inner Goddess

Each of our guests is invited lovingly and personally into our space.  We know it can feel scary walking in, but we'll have you relaxed in minutes and be on hand to deliver all of the tasty treats and drinks you'll need while you get pampered by your lovely artist.  We'll talk and laugh and get to know each other really well, and then we'll guide you through your photoshoot telling you how to pose and what to do for the right expressions, and take our cues from your flow too.

Your Big Reveal

Oh, this moment is as powerful as the photoshoot itself.  Whether it's a same day reveal, or a few days later, we'll show you your beautiful gallery and how utterly gorgeous you are. 

This is your chance to take in your amazingness and choose how you would love to enjoy your photos forever, a stunning heirloom album, a power portrait for your wall?  We'll help you through the options

I'm Sharan and I Help Women Feel Confident & Beautiful in their Stunning Photoshoot Sessions

My full service luxury portrait and boudoir photoshoots are unlike any similar experiences in the Reading area. I’ve carefully crafted the most beautiful, authentic connections and experience that help you tap into all of your femininity and celebrate it wholly.

I aim to welcome you into our Blush & Wild family quickly into your time with us so that you are confidently strutting your stuff in front of the camera before you know it.

I cannot wait for you to experience this special time for yourself,

– Sharan Rai

My absolute favourite moment in the photoshoots is when, early on, I show my client the back of my camera.  

And her reaction… the shock, the utter joy, the happy squeals… that moment she does a double-take before realising it’s actually herself she’s looking at.

That’s my favourite moment every single time.

Because it’s a freshly taken, raw image, unedited in any way.  And it’s all you.

I’ve trained with high profile fashion and fine art photographers like Emily Soto and Miss Aniela so I can give real women the model treatment every time.  A place where normal women get to feel seen in their beautiful portraits in a safe space with their own hype squad, and then heard through our special Women’s Circle events.  


* I’m wife to Sunny (yay for online dating), and a Mumma to 2 lovely girls.  I’m a Chartered Accountant and corporate/ tech world dropout after a 20 year long varied and intense career

* I was a ’90s kid – put on a minute of Take That or the 90210 theme tune and I’m 14 all over again! 

* I would spend 4 hours at a time sketching out portraits of celebrities from the posters in Smash Hits as a teenager. Guess we always already know what we should be doing in life!


We will always work to your comfort levels

This is so much more than a photoshoot. Are you ready to experience the magic?

Download our Free Session Guide and get £100 off your photoshoot